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Updated: May 22

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A Brief History

Astrology is the ancient science of interpreting what influence the movements of the planets, stars and other heavenly bodies may have on our lives. Let us dig deeper in our dedicated Astrology zone.

The Planets

Every one of the eminent bodies recorded beneath assumes a significant job in everybody's horoscope. Each sign has it's own planetary ruler, however all the planets travel through the outlines of each sign. Snap on the planet's name underneath to discover how your life is affected by the developments of the system.

The Sun

As seen from Earth, the Sun is the brightest star in the universe. It is the center of our solar system, and the vital heart in any horoscope and astrology signs. Without the Sun, there would be no life. The Sun rules your will, your pride, your determination, your heart, health and vitality, the recognition you receive for work well done, your sense of purpose, and motivation for future goals.

The Sun is your ego, governing how you see yourself, your self-esteem. This planet also determines how others view you. An essentially masculine force, the Sun also wields influence over the significant men in your life, especially those in positions of authority. This may be your father, your current boyfriend or your husband, a guy-friend, or a male boss or client.

The Sun rules all daylight. In the same way it rules public recognition and self-image by illuminating who we are, the Sun also clarifies the characteristics any planet it touches and reveals truths about that planet. For example, if the Sun and Jupiter communicate in a special configuration, Jupiter’s goodness would be illuminated and made even more brilliant by the Sun. Under the nurturing light of the Sun, Jupiter’s strengths intensify, as do the benefits it bestows upon us.

The Sun takes one year to move through all twelve constellations (signs) of the zodiac. The Sun guards the heart. It is the ruler of the sign of Leo.

The Moon

The moon drives your most profound sentiments, the calibrating of your character, your impulse and instinct, your feelings, and your responses. The moon additionally administers your private life, particularly your home. Since the moon is ladylike in nature, it administers your mom and how you see her, and does likewise for some other significant females throughout your life, including your better half, sweetheart, or a female chief, your grandma, sweetheart or spouse.

On the off chance that the Sun speaks to where you are going, the Moon means where you've been. All the more explicitly, the moon administers your history, your experience, enthusiastic improvement, and your underlying foundations. Your capacity to connect with your sentiments is directed via planetary viewpoints to the Moon.

The elements encompassing the moon can likewise show the condition of your wellbeing, particularly on the off chance that you are female. The moon leads the indication of Cancer, the stomach and bosoms, and the light of night (clearly, moonlight). The moon, which takes around 28 days to circle the zodiac, goes through a few days in each sign each month.

Consistently there is another moon. Depending where it falls in your horoscope, it shows which regions would be supported for fresh starts. A full moon shows up about fourteen days after the new moon; contingent upon where that moon falls in the diagram, it could be an ideal opportunity to receive the rewards or results of prior activities.

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This little fella is the mythological messenger, speaking information to every person. Mercury represents non-emotional, quite rational, goal ideas. Its placement in a signal determines that sign’s highbrow style. As a quick shifting planet, mercury is flexible, responsive and adaptable. A big a part of mercury’s activity is to disburse information; as such it rules notion, language, writing, editing, research, speaking, all forms of getting to know reports and gaining knowledge of styles and the evaluation of statistics.

It guidelines telecommunications, computing, software, electronic devices, the postal carrier, delivery, couriers, and all varieties of transportation. This planet has a whole lot of obligation. Whilst mercury retrogrades, it scrambles facts, causes static and confusion.

Its outcomes are felt universally. Mercury retrograde episodes are relatively unreliable to signal contracts, complete crucial transactions, access accurate records or make huge selections.

Mercury guidelines both gemini and virgo. Mercury spends about -3 weeks in every signal, however whilst it retrogrades, which it does 3 to four instances a year, it could stay in one signal so long as ten weeks. In no way some distance from the sun, it takes approximately twelve months to circle the zodiac.


Venus guidelines your affections, your coronary heart, love lifestyles, and your pleasures, such as presents. This female planet additionally guidelines beauty, fashion, adornment, and art. The planet of grace makes the arena more attractive and fun. There is every other issue about venus that no longer many humans recognize approximately: venus’ placement in a chart also can deliver strong monetary desire and fabric gain.

Venus is the governess of all this is stunning. Venus can carry to us possibilities to listen tune, eat properly food, experience a beautiful perfume, appreciate a very good wine, or be influenced to peer a fantastic art showcase. Venus can even assist you seduce your lover.

What a dreary international it'd be without venus! Venus is fascinating, magnetic and receptive. This is one planet that is in no way competitive. (assertiveness would be left to mars, her cosmic lover; they make a splendid pair!) venus is able to get her manner through the use of allure instead of pressure.

Some see this planet as a piece hedonistic; it’s true venus tends not to be deeply thoughtful, ethical or ethical. Considering consequences is a activity left to saturn. Identifying what is just is left to jupiter. Bloodless hard analysis of information and statistics is mercury’s job. (the data you get from mercury is commonly pretty dependable, due to the fact its observations are completely unemotional.)

like mercury, venus stays near the sun. It remains in a signal for 2 to 3 lovely weeks; except it retrogrades, in which case it may stay in a signal for so long as 5 months. This planet normally takes from ten to 365 days to excursion all twelve signs, even though it is able to take longer if it retrogrades. Venus is the natural ruler of taurus and libra.


Mars is the planet that energizes different planets or homes of the zodiac. This is an competitive, assertive, forceful, lively, brave, competitive, and bold planet. This pink planet governs the complete spectrum of masculine elements, from intercourse to warfare.

Referred to as the warrior planet, mars is known for its braveness, passion, natural energy and stamina. As such, mars is also well-known for its capacity (while in harmony) to help you out live and outdistance adversaries. Mars governs all sharp units, fire, and whatever combustible. Mars need to be in a harmonious placement to be of assist for any enterprise that calls for endurance and backbone. While its rays are wonderful, mars has an ability to lend survival instincts to any state of affairs.

Mars lets in you to maintain progressing even if the going gets difficult. If mars is too active, an emotional outburst ought to erupt, or there may be chance of a bodily coincidence. If you are seeking out a feel of spirit or gusto in pretty much any enterprise, mars ought to provide that. Mars takes two years to head across the zodiac, and stays in every signal for 6 or seven weeks. If it retrogrades backward and forward in a signal, it may settle in for as many as seven or 8 months. It's far the herbal ruler of aries, and the co-ruler of scorpio.


Jupiter is called the planet of accurate fortune. It expands opportunity and the blessings inside the residence it's miles traveling. This fortunate planet also rules wealth and strong, economic and cloth benefit. Additionally, jupiter brings vision, faith, optimism, loyalty, justice, self assurance and knowledge.

Jupiter paints a extensive photograph and makes you want to think massive. Think about this: take all of the planets within the sun system except the sun, which is definitely a celeb, and placed them collectively. Jupiter is physically larger than all those other planets prepare. That’s why we call jupiter the expansive planet. That is the extremely good benefactor.

Jupiter permits us to philosophize and discover a higher that means or purpose inside the quarter it visits. It encourages mirrored image, observe, and the attainment of higher training. Considering that lengthy-distance journey is a element of the schooling area, having jupiter on your sign may also encourage you to travel far and wide, or lots greater regularly than traditional.

Jupiter is the natural ruler of sagittarius. This satisfied planet takes twelve years to circle the zodiac. Every signal gets its blessings for one full year.


Saturn is the planet of awareness, permanence, tangible rewards, tenacity, ambition, and productivity. This taskmaster planet also guidelines warning, put off, constriction, problem, responsibility, policies and policies, pain, worry, authority, area, manipulate and denial. Before you are saying, “ugh!”, don't forget this: with out saturn, we would see very little development. We stay in a tangible global, and saturn urges us to cope with fact.

Without saturn we might haven't any gumption, no standards, or controls, no structure‹simply chaos. Saturn grabs us by using the collar and forces us to confront reality. Whilst saturn touches a specific place in your chart, that area stories a kind of slow-down, or freeze. Saturn is cold and icy. This planet is also taken into consideration heavy or leaden.

Saturn, the notable instructor planet, brings adulthood and teaches us the cost of persistence and sacrifice. Saturn is the ruler of capricorn. It guidelines the bottom shape of the whole thing, from enamel and bones to the organizational hierarchy of a agency. It governs historical, creative, or archeological artifacts. It takes 29 years to circle the zodiac, and stays in every signal for 2 and a half of years.


Uranus guidelines surprise and all things sudden. It additionally rules the future and new technology, along with all that is newly invented and all this is unimagined and yet to come back. Uranus is the father of electricity. Revolutionary, unpredictable, ingenious, imaginitive, idiosyncratic and experimental, uranus additionally regulations creativity and medical genius.

Uranus’ activity is to break regulations and demolish hooked up styles or structures, developing sudden-even radical-alternate. Uranus always works in unexpected ways, and is called the wonderful awakener. Uranus gives a sturdy impulse for revolt, independence, or even shock. Thrilling and releasing, uranus will overturn something traditional, traditional or orthodox that it deems has outlived its usefulness.

This planet produces brief, liberating results, mixing reality with intuition in its quest to discover popular truths.

Uranus is considered the better octave of highbrow mercury, and is strongly goal and brainy, with no emotional aspect. The ones human beings with strong uranian influences in their charts are trailblazers and forerunners of their communities. Due to the fact that uranus additionally holds sway over social change, it additionally regulates the worldwide brotherhood of guy and all humanitarian worries, which includes environmental troubles.

Uranus policies the aquarius. In the end, uranus policies astrology. This planet stays in a sign for seven years and consequently takes eighty four years to circle the zodiac.

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Neptune is the planet of inspiration. The higher octave of Venus, Neptune brings beauty to a higher, more spiritual level. It also holds sway over dreams, the subconscious, illusions, fantasies and all things magical and enchanting.

Neptune intensifies intuition and teaches us to be deeply compassionate. Neptune often asks us to sacrifice for the greater good or for love of another.

Neptune refines, purifies, and cleanses. Any planet visiting Neptune will come away purer. This planet cannot bear coarseness. Highly sensitive Neptune gets us more in tune with subtlety, and therefore increases the artistic side of one’s personality. Neptune rules all visual communication, whether with symbols or gestures, such as photography, film, ballet and other dance arts, music, painting and poetry.

Neptune also rules the sea and all other bodies of water. It governs rain, ice, and liquids of all kinds; including beverages and alcohol. Neptune also rules drugs; both the bad ones, which make us suffer, and the good ones, which make us well.

Neptune is known as the Planet of Mist. It makes us want to escape mundane, everyday reality and to enter a more ideal, heavenly state. It urges us to excel and to exceed boundaries, to reject any and all limitations.

But since Neptune alters reality and clouds our perceptions of it, there are times that Neptune complicates issues and makes it hard to decipher facts. Neptune can make us deceive ourselves (or be deceived by others), or just make us misunderstand or be misunderstood. It rules all that is glamorous and sparkling.

Bear in mind that Neptune’s visions are not always real. (It’s Saturn’s job to give us the cold, hard truth.) We need a planet to inspire us. That is Neptune’s province.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. It takes 146 years to circle the zodiac, with a stay of about fourteen years in each sign.


Pluto regulates transformation. It's miles the father of the phoenix as it rises from the ashes, the image of rebirth. Pluto governs the act of final survival in the in no way-ending cycle of beginnings and endings. Pluto’s excellent as a catalyst for alternate and metamorphosis can not be overemphasized. If its cycle is active in a chart, this planet can useful resource an person in conquer the odds.

Pluto intensifies and strengthens any zone or planet it touches. It additionally guidelines obsessive behavior, taboos and compulsions, even disaster. This planet covers many essential problems, which include life and dying, the remaining transformation of energy. Pluto guidelines all this is hidden, unseen or buried, which include secrets and techniques, undercover work (including detective or undercover agent paintings), strategic making plans, and even the roots of flowers or greens.

It also drives the unearthing or unmasking of whatever has remained hid. Pluto takes 246 years to circle the zodiac, with a stay ranging from 11 years to thirty-two years in a signal! The sign of scorpio is below pluto’s area.

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I hope you enjoyed my in-depth review of the planets and their effects. Let us know in the comments if you gained some value out of this article and if you enjoyed my first post in the astrology zone section. Further topics will be name numerology, numerology calculator, astrology signs, and much more.

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